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We are on a mission to provide the best tools for making historical data accessible. We do this as a co-operative, following the motto: purpose before profit.

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What is read-coop?

As a purpose-driven co-operative, our mission is to provide a comprehensive range of tools and services that empower researchers, institutions, and individuals to collaboratively discover and explore the rich tapestry of history. Our platform Transkribus covers the entire process of making historical documents accessible, from scanning and AI-assisted data extraction to online publication. We believe in fostering strong partnerships with stakeholders, reinvesting profits in our ecosystem, and championing social responsibility, all while delivering exceptional technology and support to our community.

Our Values

Collaborative Approach

As a co-operative, we emphasize collaboration with all stakeholders to create the best results, fostering active participation and preventing exclusion from the value chain.

Purpose before Profit

Profits are reinvested into the maintenance and development of our ecosystem, prioritizing our mission and stakeholder-orientation over shareholder gains.

Societal Impact

We support the right to information by making historical documents accessible, providing free access to our software for teachers, students, and NGOs, and promoting freedom of information.

Comprehensive Service

We offer a complete range of tools for making historical sources accessible, including scanning aids, AI-based image processing, and a web-based solution for publishing and searching.

Holistic Commitment

We embrace a comprehensive approach, addressing market needs, fostering collaboration, prioritizing purpose, and nurturing our team, all while maintaining social responsibility.

Adaptable Technology

Our focus is on building a versatile platform and community that can quickly adapt to new technologies and conditions, ensuring we provide the best and easiest-to-use tools.

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