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Transkribus - AI Platform

Transkribus is an AI platform that supports your work with historical documents. Transkribus enables you to automatically recognise text, layout, and structure in your documents with the power of AI. For this, you can train your own AI models that fit your specific documents. Transkribus also lets you enrich your material with metadata, you can collaborate with others, and searching your material is made easy too.

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Transkribus Sites

Transkribus Sites provides an easy and efficient way of publishing your digital documents online, without the need for coding skills or IT resources. Whole digital collections can be shared with either a private group or the general public. The full-text and fuzzy search features allow users to find exactly the information they need, and the digital text and original images of each document can be viewed either in an overlay or side-by-side view.

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The ScanTent

The ScanTent was designed for reliable, high-quality scanning on the go. The lightweight, foldable tent is quick to set up and provides the optimal conditions for taking pictures of handwritten and printed documents. Simply put your smartphone on the universal mount at the top of the tent, switch on the built-in LED lighting—but mostly the ambient light diffused by the tent’s special photo fabric is sufficient—and create quality images of your documents wherever you are.

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Scholarship Programme

One of our key initiatives is the Transkribus Scholarship Programme, which seeks to encourage and support future scholars in their research of historical documents. Open to students and teachers from any discipline, our global programme provides free access to Handwritten Text Recognition technology in Transkribus. We grant scholarships based on specific projects, allowing applicants to showcase their innovative research plans and utilize awarded credits effectively.

Scholarship Programme

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